The Best Way To Watch ‘Breaking Bad’ Is As A Middle School Musical

Breaking Bad's Best
Characters From The Hit Show Range From Bad To Worse
Are you ready for the most awesome video you’re going to see all day? Good! Because here it is and it’s got Breaking Bad.

In celebration of YouTube’s Geek Week, the amazing folks over at channel Rhett & Link gave us another installation in their Middle School Musical series and this has got to be the best one ever.

Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical. It is so good I can’t even handle it. All the kids in the video are crazy talented, which only adds to the joy of watching a middle schooler play Walter White. 

The video recaps what we’ve seen of seasons 1 through 5 so far, plus gives us a taste of how they think things are gonna end. Could they be right? We’ll have to watch and find out!

Check out the video above and tell us just how much you love it in the comments!