The Best Of The Royal Wedding [PHOTOS]

This day was a glorious tribute to William and Kate’s love story, and it was totally worth getting up at 4 a.m. for.  Although the Duchess of Cambridge kept us in suspense as to what wedding gown she’d select, we cheered for our up-and-up commoner the moment we spotted her outside the Goring Hotel in Alexander McQueen.

PHOTOS: Kate’s Last Night As A Commoner

Kate/Catherine is officially a member of the royal family, and witnessing her and William’s nuptial was the highlight of our year thus far.  It’s not often the world gets to witness a fairy tale, especially one involving a normal girl who we’ve enjoyed following over the past eight years.

We’ve collected some of the best pictures from today (and some that have yet to be seen) to share with any of you who missed out on any of the events.

Here’s to love and royalty!