The Best Of The Clint Eastwood Republican National Convention Meme [PHOTOS]

Clint Eastwood caught the nation off-guard with his impromptu speech at the Republican national convention. During his speech, Eastwood conversed with an empty chair representing the president.

Todd McCarthy, a documentary filmmaker and chief critic for The Hollywood Reporter referred to the performance as “wacky” and said it conflicted with the typical image Eastwood projects.

Moments into the speech, an anonymous Tweeter started posting as ‘Invisible Obama’ arguing back at the aging actor. Check out some of the best photos from the Meme by launching the gallery. 

Know Your Meme reported that at 10:19 pm (ET), the Twitter parody account @InvisibleObama[5] tweeted for the first time, using a picture of an empty chair as its user profile icon. At 12:29 am, President Obama’s official Twitter account responded to Eastwood’s speech by saying “This seat’s taken,” followed by a photo of Obama seated in a chair labeled “The President, January 20th, 2009.” As of 12 pm, August 31st, @BarackObama’s photo tweet has been retweeted 36,140 times and favorited 14,025 times.