The Best Of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ [VIDEOS]

So You Think You Can Dance continues to be one of those shows that, despite how redundant it appears, makes my Wednesday night lineup year after year. Maybe it’s because I wish I was as talented as the dancers or maybe it’s because I wish I could pull off those outfits, whatever it is, I continue to watch the show (faithfully at that).

Season 9 already proves promising with last night’s debut of the top 20 dancers. The performances were unique and refreshing. My favorite of the night had to be Chris Scott’s hip hop routine performed by Brandon, Cole, and Cyrus. The choreographer made sure to showcase all the dancers’ strengths. And goodness gracious, Mia Michaels is back my friends! Who else was excited? All the dancers were fortunate enough to participate in this monumental moment. And you can imagine my surprise when they danced to one of my personal favorites songs at the moment “Eyes” by Kaskade.

My favorite dancer thus far this season has to be Cyrus “Glitch” Spencer. His personality shines through and his style is very unique. To see what I’m talking about check out his audition.

To commemorate last night’s great performances, I have put together my top 7 SYTYCD routines of all time! Check them out and comment if you feel the same or differently.

1. Season 7 Twitch & Alex- “Get Outta Your Mind” (Hip Hop)

2. Season 8 Melanie Moore- Audition (Contemporary)

3. Season 5 Kaya & Kupono- “Gravity” (Contemporary)

4. Season 4 Courtney & Mark- “The Garden” (Jazz)

5. Season 7 Adechike & Comfort- “Fallin'” (Lyrical Hip Hop)

6. Season 5 Melissa & Ade- “This Woman’s Work” (Contemporary)

7. Season 2 Heidi & Benji- “La Comay” (Salsa)