The Best Celebrity Twitter Pictures Of The Week – November 11, 2012

Yay! It’s Twitpic Sunday! Yay! This week in Twitter land was all about the election. Celebs left and right from Katy Perry to Ellen DeGeneres were showing off their “I Voted” stickers and reminding their fans to do it too.

But it wasn’t just the election making its way into the Twitterverse. Nope. You had Robert Pattinson getting water in his face, the Jonas Brothers keeping warm in Russia and of course Rihanna doing something inappropriate involving lingerie.

Speaking of lingerie, keep an eye out for those Victoria’s Secret models, too. Oh Twitter, what would we do without you and your Twitpics? Launch the gallery to check out all the best Twitpics from this week. Don’t forget to tell us which is your favorite in the comments!