The Best Celebrity Twitter Pictures Of The Week – May 24, 2013

Are you guys ready? I know you are! Happy Twit Pic Saturday!

I love Twit Pics, you love Twit Pics, celebrities love Twit Pics, everybody loves Twit Pics! This was quite a good week for them as well. I can’t even tell you how much I’m loving all those folks Tweeting from the Cannes Film Festival.

Oh, and I know most of you can join me in appreciating the glory of shirtless Ian Somerhalder. I’m thinking he should post shirtless throwback photos more often, don’t you? 

Also, those One Direction boys were all over Europe this week! Too bad Harry Styles didn’t post any shirtless pics. I guess we’ll just have to be content with these ones here. Or you these ones where he’s hanging out with a baby.

Launch the gallery to check out all your favorite Twitterers like Joe Jonas, Jared Leto and way more! Did your favorite Twit Pic make this week’s gallery? Let us know in the comments!