The Best Celebrity Twitter Pictures Of The Week – March 31, 2013

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to another fascinating edition of Twit Pic Sunday!

We spend time browsing all the celebrity Twitters and finding the best Twit Pics so you don’t have to! We are such givers in that way. But really, the celebrities make it easy when they post such awesome Twit Pics all week long!

Just take Glee star Chris Colfer showing off his rad 80s look. Also his caption is hysterical. I’m not gonna give it away here, but enjoy it when you get to it in the gallery! Also, we really need to talk about Amanda Bynes. Girl? What happened to you? 

Remember when you were the sweet thing on All That and not the girl who Tweeted about the things Drake should do to your lady parts? Luckily her selfies are pretty amusing. Also, who named them selfies? I’m pretty sure we just used to call them MySpace pics.

Launch the gallery to check out all our favoirte Twit Pic-ers this week from Josh Groban to Sofia Vergara. Did your favorite celebrity make this week’s gallery? Let us know in the comments!