The Best Celebrity Twitter Pictures Of The Week – June 8, 2013

Ladies, gentlemen, babies, happy Twit Pic Sunday!

Are you excited? I see you being excited over there. And why shouldn’t you be! What’s better than kicking back on a Saturday afternoon and looking at pictures celebrities took of themselves. It’s everything our forefathers intended.

Especially when Adam Lambert insists on looking that perfect. I just, I wanna be best friends with him. But that’s a different story. Also, are you ready for even more sexy than you can possibly handle right now? Are you? Are you?! 

Good! Because Ian Somerhalder Tweeted the most perfect picture of himself as a model back in 1995. Sure he’s 16, which technically makes me a creep, but he’s just so pretty!!! Also, Bob Saget at the Full House house and the cast of Boy Meets World back together. Let all of that sink in for a second.

Now launch the gallrey to check out all the amazingness that Twitter had to offer this week. Do you love it? Yeah you do!