The Best Celebrity Twitter Pictures Of The Week – July 26, 2013

Sabba Rahbar | July 26, 2013 - 3:00 pm

I love Twitter. You love Twitter. Celebrities love Twitter. Everybody loves Twitter!

But you know what everyone loves more than Twitter? Twit Pic Friday! The greatest day in creation. Yay! I mean honestly, where else are you gonna see an adorable photo of Jared Padalecki and his son feeding a turtle? Well, you could go to his Twitter, but would that be followed up by a picture of Ian Somerhalder being perfect?

I don’t think so! And trust me, there are more than just those two being awesome this week. 

Two words: Adam Lambert. Let that sink in for just a second. Plus, there are so many sexy men in this week’s gallery, I don’t even have time to name them all! You’re just gonna have to see for yourself.

Launch the gallery to check out all the best celebrity Twit Pics from the past week. Tell us your favorite in the comments!