The Best Celebrity Twitter Pictures Of The Week – December 16, 2012

You were eagerly waiting for it and here it is: Twitpic Sunday! This is when we here at SOCIALITE LIFE offer you a view into the world of celebrity using one of the best social media tools around, Twitter. Seriously, what would we do without it? If not for Twitter, how we know that Kelly Clarkson got engaged?

And if not for Twitter, how would we see awesome photos like Harry Styles wearing an elf sweater, or Ed Sheeran sitting on Santa’s lap, or Selena Gomez making weird faces with her friends? We wouldn’t have seen them and then we’d all be sad.

So friends, appreciate Twitpic Sunday. Love Twitpic Sunday. Hold Twitpic Sunday close, because it won’t last forever. Ah, what am I talking about, it’ll be back again next week! Launch the gallery to check out all the best Twitpics from this week! Happy viewing!