The Best Celebrity Twitter Pictures Of The Week – August 30, 2013

Today is Friday. So you know what that means! We’re rounding up the best Celebrity Twitter Pics of the week just for you! Yay Twit Pic Friday!

You know what they say about Twit Pics, if you put Adam Lambert and Jared Leto in the same one, it’s bound to break the internet. Hopefully that won’t happen as I like the internet, but a little crack here and there wouldn’t be so bad.

Also, I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it needs to be mentioned again: Anna Kendrick the best Twit Picer. 

You’ll find out why in they gallery where you can also see attractive Jared Padalecki hanging out with Stephen Amell. Well, sort of. You’ll just have to find out how they’re hanging out by looking at the photos.

So on that note, launch the gallery and enjoy our round up for Twit Pic Friday. Any awesome celebrity photos we missed in this week’s gallery? Let us know in the comments! Happy Friday everyone!