The Best Celebrity Twitter Pictures Of The Week – August 16, 2013

Welcome friends, to another week in Celebrity Twit Pics.

It’s always fun looking at these photos. I mean sure, we can see what celebrities are up to thanks to paparazzi photos, but there’s something totally different about actually being part of a celebrity’s everyday life.

Like, take the Teen Choice Awards. Sure we had tons of Teen Choice Awards coverage, but if not for Twit Pics we wouldn’t see Joe Jonas hanging out with Nina Dobrev, or Darren Criss passed out in a corner. 

These are the joys of Twit Pics. Also, it never hurts when we start the week off with Adam Lambert hanging out with a parrot. My grandparents had a parrot for awhile, and I’m pretty positive it was the spawn of Satan. Hopefully this one wasn’t.

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