The Best Celebrity Twitter Pictures Of The Week – April 27, 2013

00Oh. My. God. It’s Twit Pic Saturday.

Are you ready for awesome? Good! Because there’s plenty of it to go around! All the awesome in the world converged on Twitter this week as some of our favorite celebs from Jared Leto to Adam Lambert to Jared Padalecki were all Twit Pic-ing up a storm!

Seriously, life would be so boring without Twit Pics. Sure most of them are crazy filtered, but where do you see shit like Justin Bieber posting a picture of himself shirtless being held by Selena Gomez? Exactly. 

This week provided plenty more awesome in the way of Twit Pics. I won’t like, the fact that Kim Kardashian can still take a picture with Joel McHaleafter all the mean jokes he’s made about her makes me happy. I’m consistently amazed that they have such a good sense of humor, those Kardashians.

Alright folks! Launch the gallery to check out all the best Twit Pics from the past week. Did your favorite celebrity Twitterer make this week’s gallery? Is your favorite celebrity Twitterer Neil Patrick Harris? Cause it should be and he’s in there.