The Best Celebrity Twitter Pictures Of The Week – April 13, 2013

Another week has passed, which means that it’s time for another edition of Twit Pic Saturday!

How are we all feeling about the Saturday change? Is everyone OK with it or are we still dealing with the trauma? Well either way don’t worry, because this week’s Twit Pics are sure to make everything way, way better!

I mean, doesn’t a Twit Pic of Adam Lambert and his ex-boyfriend Sauli Koskinen jokingly chocking each other out warm the cockles or your heart? Of course it does! Wanna know what other awesome things can warm those cockles too? 

How about a Twit Pic of Nina Dobrev making the best of the fact that she can’t go to Coachella? Or how about one of Jared Leto editing a video from the sky! I’m not making that last one up. Also, Rebel Wilson hung out with Hanson. Also also, Rihanna and Chris Brown are Tweeting pictures together. Seriously!

Launch the gallery to check out all our favorite Twit Pics from the past week! Did your favorite celebrity Tweeter make this week’s gallery? Let us know in the comments!