The Beckham Family Continues To Be ‘Normal’ With A Trip To Disneyland

David Beckham In Undies
David Beckham is spotted wearing green underwear!
Ahh, the Beckhams. The most normal family on the block. If the most normal family on the block was also one of the most famous families in the world.

Victoria and David Beckham were spotted being perfect in Disneyland yesterday (August 22) as they took all their adorable kids for a day of fun. Sadly, Harper wasn’t sporting a pair of Minnie Mouse ears like she was last time, but her jean dress is too cute.

Also, look at her smiling and waving on that carousel. I can’t even deal with this. 

Victoria recently told reportersabout how surprisingly normal her family is and I’ve got to say, I agree. Sure they have more money and power than Zeus, but essentially, they’re just a happy family enjoying a day at Disneyland. It really just makes me love them even more.

Launch the gallery to check out all the adorable photos of the Beckhams at Disneyland. Were any of you readers lucky enough to be at Disneyland yesterday and run into them? Once I missed the whole family by like 5 minutes at The Grove. I am still sad about this.