The Beckham Children Featured On Adorable Family Christmas Card

Harper Takes To The Skies
Victoria Beckham and Harper make another trek to the airport.
Awwww. The Beckham family Christmas card was leaked online, however, at the request request from the couple’s spokesman it was quickly removed. Too bad, because it was adorable.

Featuring the four Beckham children tucked up in bed, the Christmas card is an arty black-and-white shot that quite literally makes our hearts melt. Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are joined by their new baby sister Harper, who is seen officially smiling for the first time.

And it gets cuter – Cruz has a pair of gold reindeer antlers playfully drawn onto his head, as the brood pose happily alongside the greeting: “Twas the night before Christmas”. 

The back of the card apparently reads: “Photo by Daddy”. The family is seen here arriving at Heathrow airport on December 17, 2011.