The Badasses Of Hollywood That Ride Around On Motorcycles [PHOTOS]

'Supernatural' Mini Bikes
Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles take a break.
Aw, the many transportation options of celebrities. Whether it be a limo, a decked out car, or a private jet, one thing will always remain consistent: The public will see it. So, if you’re a celebrity who makes appearances in the outside world (likely, I think.) you want to make an entrance, because you can bet that there will be a dedicated paparazzo waiting in the bushes to take pictures of you to relay to millions of fans who eat up every minuscule action you do.

More than a few celebs take the act of transporting themselves to a new, cooler level by using more exciting means of transit, like, motorcycles, for instance. Although it’s mostly brooding leading men, like Bradley Cooper and Orlando Bloom who are most often seen looking all “born to be wild” on bikes, more and more inhabitants of Hollywood have been spotted out and about on the noisy death-machines that are motorcycles. Why? Because even though they are unequivocally dangerous, they are also unequivocally cool.

So check out our compilation of all the most badass stars, riding around Hollywood in their finest sets of wheels.