‘The Bachelor’ Star Sean Lowe Looks Hot, Opens Up About The Ladies [PHOTOS]

'Bachelor' Roberto Martinez?
The reported new 'Bachelor', is shirtless. And we like it.
Can we all agree that Sean Lowe is one of the hottest Bachelor contestants in recent memory?

The hottie hit The Grove in Los Angeles yesterday to chat with Extra about life as the Bachelor. While that interview was all well and good–and did not include Sean showing off his abs, rude–the real treat comes from the article Sean himself wrote for People.

Trust me, read it. Sean really opens up about the ladies he’s currently with and even explains a lot of the reasoning behind some of his decisions. It’s kind of nice getting a peek into his mind, or otherwise it’s one of those things where the audience is just angry at who he didn’t give a rose to! 

Sean really delves into his relationship with Catherine, whom he has recently gotten very close to. According to Sean, “The date helped put me back in a positive mental state. I felt hopeful again.” Aww, that’s adorable. Also, I wonder at what point he wrote this article. Like, a while ago when they were actually doing it or is he pretending that he’s there and writing them now?

So many questions! Launch the gallery to check out all the hotness that is Sean Lowe. So, who do we think he’s gonna end up? Leave us your guesses in the comments!