‘The Artist’s’ Jean Dujardin Is Greeted In France After Oscar Win [PHOTOS]

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Oscar winner for Best Actor Jean Dujardin returned to his native France after his big win Sunday night! The French actor was mobbed by fans as he carried his Oscar through Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.

The 39-year-old accepted the award from Natalie Portman Sunday night at the Academy Awards for Best Actor for his film The Artist. Dujardin’s acceptance speech sounded clean to most English speakers, but the star dropped the F-bomb while saying his thank yous!

To translate what he said: “Thank you so much for this [bleeping] epic victory!

The Artist was the big winner of the night, also taking home awards for Best Picture, Best Costume Design, Best Original Score and Best Director.

Even with his huge success thanks to the film, the actor said he’ll go back to acting in his country, but if given the chance he’d love to act in another silent film in America!