The Ariel Winter Custody Battle Continues! [PHOTOS]

Ariel Winter vs Her Mom
The 'Modern Family' star's legal woes.
The plot is thickening in the custody battle of Modern Family star, Ariel Winter.

After the 14-year-old actress accused her mother, Chrisoula Workman, of abusing her emotionally and physically back in October, she has been put into temporary custody of her older sister, Shanelle. Winter seems to have been doing well in her sister’s care, but the time is coming for the courts of Los Angeles to decide the fate of the minor and her guardians.

Workman, who’s older daughter Shanelle was emancipated in the 90’s after a similar abuse accusation, has been adamantly denying all of the allegations and gathering witnesses, including friends, family, staff and other people with connections to her daughter to attest to her denial. Winter’s father, Glenn Workman has also stepped forward to claim custody of his daughter in light of the recent events. Let’s add another string into to the already tangled web, shall we?

To add to the case, Mrs. Workman also went to the  Crescenta Valley police station 3 days after Winter left her custody and accused her daughter of having illicit sexual relations with her 18-year-old boyfriend in the family’s own home. Winter and her boyfriend have denied all of the accusations on that front.

It sounds like poison is being spit from both sides of this case. Child abuse is not something to be taken lightly, but Winter’s case is steadily getting more and more farfetched by the day. Luckily for both parties, a judge is set to decide today, November 20th, who Winter will remain in the custody of– her mother, her sister, or (randomly) her father.

The judge will probably need some more time and testimonies to properly grant one of Winter’s guardians custody, so the court dates will not end today, if you ask me. I guess only time will tell, though.

In the meantime, check out the gallery to see Ariel Winter out and about with her sister, probably loving the attention this whole scandal is bringing her.