‘The Amazing Spider-Man’s’ Big Midnight Premiere

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Audiences all over the country eagerly waited to see the first installment in the Amazing Spider-Man franchise, and disappoint it did not.

The movie was the highest grossing midnight premiere for the summer, since The Avengers came out in May, grossing $7.5 million. The franchise’s studio reported these numbers to be around the same as the final installment of the original Spider-Man series, Spider-Man 3 starring Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. While $7.5 million is not a let down, by far, it is still miles away from a Top 10 midnight premiere.

Read on to find out how The Amazing Spider-Man starring Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield measures up.

The Hunger Games midnight showing earned Lions Gate an unsurprising $19.7 for the midnight showing, making it the largest opening for a non-sequel and seventh overall. This film also had a cult following that is now being compared to the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises. Comparatively, Spider-Man killed the recent competition and hit Ted, which earned a mere $2.6 million, and Prometheus, which earned $3.6 million.

“We had a fantastic start,” Sony’s Steve Elzer announced in an email, reported E! News.

With a great start right out of the gate, The Amazing Spider-Man still has a long journey, and big week ahead. With the official opening day today, July 3, and the Fourth of July week and holiday weekend around the corner, I can only imagine how many fans will escape the record heat to enjoy the new film. It is reported that Sony predicts (rather modestly) the film will gross $120 million by Sunday.




By Alyssa Clough

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