The Always Sexy Ricky Martin Danced Up A Storm With ‘Vida’ At The Billboard Music Awards

Now, it’s possible that you’ve already seen Ricky Martin’s performance of “Vida at the Billboard Music Awards last night.

But trust me, you need to see it again. In fact, you need to see it like a billion more times because it’s that good. Oh Ricky, will you never cease to be the sexiest man in the room? The singer busted out his moves and his amazing stage presence last night. He truly hit it out of the park.

Plus, this song is so, so catchy. 

Which is a good thing since we’re probably going to be hearing it a million times a day when the World Cup starts. This is like when he performed his World Cup song “The Cup of Life” at the 1999 Grammys. Maybe not quite as surprising since we know how talented he is now, but still just as fun and fabulous.

So watch the video below, check out the photos in the gallery and have a Ricky Martin filled Monday. Every time I think that he no longer holds the special place in my heart that he did in 2000, I see him perform and I am mistaken. Ricky Martin love forever!!!