The Adorable Josh Lucas Talks About ‘The Firm’ [PHOTOS]

Juliette Lewis
The star attended the premiere of 'Due Date.'
I think Josh Lucas is the most, so I am just tickled pink that he’ll be starring in the The Firm on NBC.  Lucas joined co-star Juliette Lewis in Pasadena for the NBCUniversal portion of the 2011 Winter TCA Tour, where Lewis showed off a rather bright hair color. 

Lucas told reporters that he wanted to pay homage to Tom Cruise, who starred in the 1993 film version of John Grisham’s best-selling novel.  Lucas jumped at the chance to play Mitch McDeere after completing his civic duty back in November 2010.  According to Access Hollywood, Lucas was selected for jury duty and assigned to a murder trial.  “It was such a severe case that they had to not just shackle him, but they had to hold him down in the courtroom during his testimony,” Lucas said.

“The second I walked in, I saw this guy recognize me, the defendant. I saw him talk to his lead legal counsel about it so I went immediately to the bailiff and I said, ‘I need to speak to the judge,’ and the judge said, ’If we release everyone who came here because they had conflicts of interest like yours, we would not be able to get juries. We’ve decided to stop doing that. It doesn’t matter if you’re famous anymore. Unless we determine you’re in danger, that’s the only way you can be dismissed,’” Lucas said. “So weirdly, I then got chosen.”

Are you looking forward to The Firm on NBC?