The 2024 Justin Bieber

March 30th, 2011 // 9 Comments

As the years roll on and pass us by, so do the famed heartthrobs that keep our teenagers screaming. The likes of New Kids On The Block and ‘N Sync are more easily associated with time periods than the years themselves. Right now, that kid of the moment Justin Bieber. Already “the man” at 17 years old, he is mobbed every place he goes by thousands of girls. Now a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair phone survey of 11,000 reveals American’s predictions for where Justin will be in 2024.

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20 percent of those surveyed think Justin will still be playing to packed stadiums, just like today. 18 percent think he will be married and quietly enjoying his life. However, a whopping 30 percent think Justin will be in rehab by the time he hits 30. There is just one thing to call this, hating. Justin is a great kid and is an inspiration for children all over the world. He followed his dream, made it to the top and still remains down to earth. He has shown NO signs of a partying downfall, but it is easy to put down someone who is so high on life. Let’s hope this just gives Biebs another reason to rise above it and make sure he doesn’t fall.

By Lauren Jensen

  1. Biebertron
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    I lovejustin!!! but the pap. should mabey give him some space

  2. Scott Mercer


    It’s called cynicism darling, borne out from years of experience. The story of a chld star hitting the skids is not exactly novel.

    And you’re assuming all the people that predicted Bieber is heading for a fall were doing so with glee, rubbing their hands together and grinning evilly. Isn’t it possible that a lot of them were predicting such a result sadly, with a sigh on their lips, shaking their head ruefully at the price of fame and the toll it exacts on those who seek its often fleeting advantages?

  3. Jennifer B

    He most definitely WILL FALL if he doesn’t pull up his fucking pants. In all seriousness, he will soon be replaced with another no talent hack – much like himself.

  4. anonimo
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    se hace el malo con el peinado ese eh un puto gay gil nose como son fan de este

  5. agustina
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    x dioss!!! miren dodne lleva los pantalones…omg hermosso i love justin…eternamentee

  6. rebeca robanson
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    ooooooommmmmmmmgggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 your fuking sexxxzzzzyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iiiiii llooovvvee yyyoooouuurrrr wwwweeeetttt bbbbbbuuuuuuttttttyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iii lllloooovvveeee yyyoooouuu justin drew bieber, who by da way waz boun on march 1 1994 21:59 pm tustay!!!!! happy lat birth day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! iiiii lllloooovvvveeee yyyooouuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck selena gomaz!!!!!!!

  7. Brooke Larman
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    OMG just let him be he’s only 17 just like a majority of his fans are in there teens and probably need to get a reality check its his life.

  8. samuel
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    pull up ur pantz dude

  9. hannah
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