The 15 Best 2013 Super Bowl Commercials [VIDEO]

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Budweiser’s The Brotherhood
Yep, I Choked Up At This One.

The Ravens won the game, but which advertiser pulled out all the stops for a successful win?

This year’s Super Bowl commercials were a varied bunch. Companies spared no expense or ounce of creativity just to ensure that you’ll remember them and their products. Some flopped (We’re looking at you, Go Daddy.). Others warmed our hearts (You go, Budweiser.).

Without further adieu, check out the rest of the top 15 2013 Super Bowl commercials below, and the worst commercial. 

Jeep Meets Oprah

Best Buy, Asking Amy

Hyundai’s Epic Playdate

Audi’s Prom

Doritos’ Goat 4 Sale

Hyundai’s Team

Toyota’s Wish Granted

Dorotios’ Fashionisa Daddy

Calvin Klein Concept (just for the hot model)

Mercedes Benz Featuring Kate Upton (just for the hot model) Wolf

Taco Bell Viva Young

Wheat Thins Night Vision

Dodge Ram God Made A Farmer

And then there was this:


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