That’s a Lovely Daughter You Have Ms. Hudson

April 23rd, 2007 // 8 Comments

Enough already! Please cut your son’s hair.


By Jessica Marx

  1. Tonysgirl

    He looks cute, but a haircut will hopefully be in the future.

  2. shes obviousl cut it before not significantly though

  3. cameron

    At least he didn’t have a stupid pacifier stuck in his mouth like he has in just about every previous picture I have ever seen. I wondered if she wasn’t going to send that poor kid to kindergarten with it.

  4. J

    Maybe he doesnt want it cut. Hes a kid with individuality!

  5. Charlotte

    Having long hair doesn’t make you more individual than someone else… I think in the case of a young boy it makes him a target for being called a sissy at school. And when did Kate morph into Dumbo? Hell’s bells, I thought she was beautiful in Almost Famous but she’s becoming more odd looking over the years.

  6. Sue

    It’s just hair! Why are people so hung up on hair length in America? Jeez! The child is clean, appears happy so why does it concern people that he has long hair? I agree with J, maybe the child wants it long…like his dad.

  7. mia

    As a mother of an 18 month old baby BOY with hair almost to his diaper, I say she, nor I, nor anyone else is obligated to cut their child’s hair to may YOU happy. When my son gets old enough to sit and let someone cut his hair he will get it cut. If she decides to have her son’s hair cut again, she will.

  8. lookwhaticando

    It has to do with their religion, this is the reason it is so long, has nothing to do with style

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