That’s A Big Bag

August 21st, 2007 // 9 Comments

Damn? What’s in the bag? Her make-up? That’s a giant-ass bag. That could have a body in it. Is that a doggie bag? She’s a hot little minx, though. She dresses kind of young, but she seems like she knows how to handle her business. She’s a supercougar. She got him to look slightly more human. Old man in Chucks is an ok look. It’s better than stringy-haired assclown. Hey, I didn’t say it, it was in a movie. But fitting.

More Photos of the Happy Couple After the Jump

By J. Harvey

  1. kikideedee

    He was supposed to peform here tonight in Ottawa, but cancelled. I guess he had better things to do, like carry her purse.

  2. damn

    she is fine. i wanna be a supercougar when i get to be her age. no joke.

  3. jilly

    it was “no talent ass clown”. fyi ;)

  4. What bag J? Her purse doesn’t look that large to me… That frikken messenger bag Michael has? Yeah, it looks normal sized too.

    I’m confused.


  5. Zekers

    …you’re never to old to wear Chuck’s!

  6. Don't care

    He is hiding a Jolie kid in that bag !

  7. LeslieD

    they seem like a nice couple–polite to fans–signing autographs and waving. I want to be a supercougar too.

  8. TheRage

    i think its weird when i see dudes with messenger bags. and his needs the shoulder strap adjusted. by about two feet. he’s practically dragging the damn thing.

  9. blondie

    Sheridan looks better than ever since she reunited with Bolton. She’s always been pretty fit, but a few years ago, she was carrying a few more pounds, though she certainly wasn’t fat. Here she looks just right – not too skinny, toned, strong, healthy and most of all, happy.

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