That Britney Spears Is Such A Kidder

December 20th, 2005 // 8 Comments
By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Anyone who marries a scumbag like kfed deserves an award…. for stupity.

  2. netty

    ha! yeah and she’s soooo proud to be his wife right? I mean what a GOD KFed is!!! (throw up)

  3. King Smart Ian

    You know, when I put those clothes in the Goodwill bin, I had no idea they would someday be worn by a celebrity.

  4. the polish rifle

    that shirt’s from vintage vantage –

    pretty funny.

  5. I mean, would it kill her to put on some makeup? Ever?

  6. SMroxs

    I’m so glad Britney’s true white trash roots are finally bare for all to see. I’m sorry but THIS is a girl who is suppossed to be hot? You don’t have to be turned out 24-7 Brit, but take a cue from your mentor Madge. At least get yer hair did and yer face did before you go out for a beer run at 9AM.

  7. Karli

    I miss the old spunky fashionable brit that was dating jt. Kevin has ruined her, and a baby? She had plenty of time for that…

  8. Amanda

    Okay…so I hate Britney Spears but you know…I’ve actually been feelin sorry for her lately. For example, it was a stupid move to put her infant on her lap while she strolled down the highway but you know she fawked up and she admitted to fawking up. You know, I understand first hand the difficulties of parenting at a young age but WTF, its Britney Spears and chances are she’s going to be way better off than all of us will ever be as parents because she is filthy rich. Quit hating on her ugliness to people…do you know how difficult it is to keep your looks going after you’ve just had a baby. I agree she’s crusty looking but give her a year at least. Like I said before, she’s rich bitches so she’ll be able to lypo that shit and pay for a master trainer that none of us will ever be able to lay our eyes on.

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