Thar’s Drugs In Them Thar Hills

The youngsters out and about in the clubs of Hollywood are actually probably doing most of their partying away from prying eyes at infamous secret drug parties. And what’s on the menu? If you guessed hamburgers, you must not be familiar with Nicole Richie’s razor-sharp clavicle. More like cocaine, xanax, adderall, ecstasy, heroin, oxycontin, and crystal meth. Cityrag has the scoop:

A source tells Star an A-list rapper has “an employer whose sole job is to roll marijuana joints for him.” Another source reveals that “most of these so-called late night ‘plate parties’ take place in the Hollywood Hills”; so once the clubs close, Hollywood’s A-list party-goers head to these private homes in the early hours of the morning. According to another source a well-known director is a frequent host, as well as Lindsay Lohan. Her suite at the Chateau Marmont, room 29, is a frequent late-night hangout spot for crowds of young stars. A source reveals that one night in mid-December, “some friends came in with some coke and Lindsay and half of the party disappeared in the bathroom…she did a couple of lines in each nostril sharing the rest of the coke with her friends.”

You can’t say her mother didn’t raise her right–at least she knows enough to share. Right?

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