Thanks For Coming Back, ‘Gossip Girl.’ Where The Eff Have You Been?

After taking its sweet time, Gossip Girl will return to the small screen with ten new consecutive episodes.  Entertainment Weekly’s Mike Ausiello reports that the season three finale promises to be a biggie.  However, there will be no momentous event (like, say a wedding or graduation).  Instead, the most talked-about stories of the season will come together to really knock the wind out of viewers.  How about you just put new episodes on so we can actually remember what happened?

GG’s executive producer Stephanie Savage confirms that the episode will be a good one.

Every scene leads to the next scene in a very sort of tight and
exciting way. I’m hopeful it’ll feel like a satisfying conclusion to
all the stories we’ve been telling this year and also give you a sense
of what season 4 will hold

Michelle Trachtenberg will return as evil Georgina, although Savage divulges that Georgina has changed a bit.

“‘[She’ll have] a different persona,’ Savage teases. ‘We’ll find out where she’s been the past couple of months.”

I’m over Georgina.  Keep Trachtenberg on NBC’s Mercy.  I like her so much better as nurse Chloe.

Let’s recap the season since GG has been gone for three months.  Serena and her boobs went to Europe to find Mr. van der Woodsen (who will be making an appearance.  Hey-o, Billy Baldwin).  Lilly probably bopped Mr. VDW, and now has to tell Rufus.  Serena had an affair with Trip van der Bilt, but then he went back to his wretched wife.  Blair isn’t popular at NYU, and Jenny’s involved with a drug-dealing Eurobrat.  Lastly, some woman was spotted at Bart Bass’s grave by….CHUCK!

Feel free to fill in the blanks.  And make sure to catch GG’s return to the CW on March 8th.

Meester was in Brooklyn today filming scenes for Gossip Girl.  What’s the verdict on the outfit? Yuck or Yay?