Thankfully, Some Michael Jackson News

Just when I thought the headlines would only read of happy marriages and celebrities being charitable, I spied some wacky Micheal Jackson news on the morning horizon and knew that all would be well. An autographed photo of Macaulay Culkin found in a raid on the Neverland Ranch nearly three years ago was recently unsealed, revealing a curious inscription.

According to the New York Post:

The Post’s David K. Li reports that a sheriff’s evidence-inventory memo states: “The photograph was signed and had a message written on it. The message stated, ‘To Apple Head. Always remember keep Apple Head Club Doo Doo Head Alive.’ It was signed ‘McCauley Caulkin’ [sic] and, in parenthesis, ‘Doo Doo Head.’ ” In Neverland speak, Jackson and his special young male pals were “Doo Doo Heads” and their secret society “the Apple Club.”

You gotta hand it to Michael. After all those years, he’s still keeping the weird as fresh as it ever was.

Culkin’s Secret Note To Jacko [Page Six]