Thank You For Shopping At Rolex

September 21st, 2005 // 11 Comments

Wow, the greeter at Rolex walks you outside when you’ve finished shopping. That’s sweet.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. balenciaga

    I dig that dude’s teeth.

  2. Mariana

    On a side note, why do celebs always get driven around in giant SUV’s?

  3. The Real Ian !

    answer.suv’s are the new limo , old school stretched limos are out. the bigger the better for them .thats what i do is drive for a limo service in LA. any ways angilina is still hot as hell

  4. crazy

    that back tattoo is huge!! kinda creeps me out, but am still a big fan!

  5. katie

    i find her kind of boring actually…she’s hot in movies, but her street wardrobe is blahh

  6. RubbRubb

    As someone familiar with horology and watch-collecting, I feel compelled to point out that Rolex watches are merely considered average, everyday watches in Switzerland. Their sales these days are derived from marketing hype, much like TAG Heuer: All show, all marketing.

    Somebody need to tell Angelina to stop slumming with Rolex and go look at IWC, Omega, and other quality brands.

  7. passer

    RubbRubb> You could be right, but I guess Rolex is considered as “classic”, it never really goes out of style.

    That’s another thing about Angelina, her clothes might be boring but she is far from flashy. She dresses nice during events, but looks very down to earth on a normal day. If the media didnt follow her so much, we wouldnt even know she wears designers.

  8. mnc

    she looks so much better with dark hair

  9. not Rolex

    that’s not rolex greeter. that’s St John’s boss. Angelina is the new face for St John and they are exiting a blding next to Rolex

  10. Simple_Tina

    To Katie Post #5: That’s why she’s so cool, she dosent care about trying to impress, and be stylish in the public!!!! She wears what she likes, not whats “trendy”!!

  11. Kelly

    She’s a whore who pimps out her supposed “charity works” for publicity. I also think all her so called humanitarian work is a show for publicity and guess what folks – It’s worked. It’s like her PR people said – reinvent yourself as a humanitarian and ride the publicity to the A list.

    She’s laughing at all the stupid Americans who are falling for her PR tricks.

    And look at the timing of buying her latest baby. Could it have anything to do with diverting public attention from the way she’d just smashed up America’s Sweethearts?

    STill. If the American public is so dumb that they believed George Bush’s BS about there being weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is it any wonder they fall for Angelina’s PR tricks?

    The woman is a cutter, insane asylum graduate, self-admitted heroin user who loves her brother. And Americans worship her. Says it all really.

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