Terry Richardson Takes Saucy Photos Of Lindsay Lohan [PHOTOS]

I don’t know what it is about Terry Richardson, but he has a way of making famous ladies either strip down or wear transparent clothing in the name of photography.

Today (June 26th), Richardson posted a handful of photos on his site featuring Lindsay Lohan in sheer lingerie, ripping butts and making sultry faces at the camera.

On June 15th, paramedics were called to Lohan’s room at the Marina Del Ray Ritz Carlton after sources close to the actress found her “unconscious.”  It all seemed to be a misunderstanding, because Lohan was back on the set of Liz & Dick later that day.  Lohan did, however, complain of exhaustion and called in late to production.

Fun Fact via The Hollywood Reporter: Another photo of Lohan holding a gun to her head was removed from the site because, you know, it was inappropriate.