Terrifying: Paul Wesley Makes A Vampire Face At Cirque Du Solel’s ‘Totem’ [PHOTOS]

Vintage Stefan Pics
And yes, he's shirtless.
Don’t make that face, Paul Wesley!  You look so scary-mary, and I need you to remain my rock on The Vampire Diaries.  With an image like that in my head, I’m more likely to run into the arms of Damon (not exactly a bad thing…).

Wesley caught an afternoon performance of Cirque du Soleil’s Totem at Atlanta’s Atlantic Station on November 9th, and had a chance to meet some of the acrobats backstage.

To make you love Wesley’s TVD character even more, the poor guy injured himself recently while shooting a scene with Nina Dobrev. 

“Being the not-suave guy that I am, my thumb got bent back in a romantic scene where I slowly lowered Nina [Dobrev] onto a bed,” Wesley told People (via Wet Paint).  “I was out of comission for a week.”