Terrible Parents Go To Court

The Lohans went to court today. Michael Lohan was told to get a job. Heh. Someone should tell that fame-sucking Dina to get one, too. Running to news networks and releasing statements shouldn’t be a full-time occupation. Mr. Lohan was chewed out by the court for missing child support payments.

The court appearance by Lohan and his estranged wife, Dina, who have been separated since 2005, attracted a brigade of photographers, reporters and camera crews eager for any snippet of Lohan news following the arrest earlier this week of their daughter Lindsay.

“She’s in a safe place and she’s doing well,” Dina Lohan said of Lindsay outside the courthouse; she did not speak in the courtroom.

No mention of Lindsay was made in the courtroom. Lohan said he works for a Christian rehab center called Teen Challenge, but makes no money off it. Suspect. He’s too busy to get a real job because he’s too busy jumping in front of cameras like a yappy dog jumping for a Milkbone. Papa Lohan also took the opportunity to mention the e-mail Ali Lohan supposedly wrote to 24/Sizzler, claiming it was a fake. Also suspect. They’re lucky that chick isn’t out on a ledge with a grenade with these parents.