Terrence Howard Has A Chris Brown Past

We all recoiled in disgust when reporters asked Terrence Howard what he thought of the Chris Brown/Rihanna fiasco and he replied: “It’s just life, man. Chris is a great guy. He’ll be alright. And Rihanna knows he loves her, you know? They’ll be alright.”

Once his rep clued him into the fact that 99.999% of the general pubic don’t view woman-beating as “just life” Terrence quickly ate his words and said he didn’t know about the Rihanna/Chris Brown fiasco afterall.

What is this assault you speak of? (Suuuuuuuuure)

Which is why when The Smoking Gun revealed that Terrence Howard was once arrested for assaulting his ex-wife (but charged with disorderly conduct) back in 2001, all the Chris-is-a-great-guy blah blahs started to make sense.

Apparently, Terrence Howard got into a phone argument with ex Lori McCommas. According to the Smoking Gun:

“The actor warned, “Don’t disrespect
me by hanging up on me or I’ll come over and hurt you.” McCommas then
“hung up and contacted 911 fearing Howard was serious.” While McCommas
was speaking with a police dispatcher, Howard “showed up at the
victim’s residence and began breaking the door down.” Howard then “broke the
front door down and ran through the screen door in the kitchen. Howard
then grabbed the victim’s left arm and punched her twice with a closed
fist in the left side of the face.” When a
Whitemarsh cop responded to the scene, Howard admitted, “I broke the
door down and hit my wife.”

Moral of this story: never, ever hang up on Terrence Howard. It’s rude and he takes it personally.

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