Terrell Owens Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

Dallas Cowboy receiver Terrell Owens, notorious for his unparalleled mix of talent and vanity, was hospitalized on Tuesday after a suicide attempt. Owens was found in his hotel room by his publicist, Kim Etheridge, with an empty prescription pill bottle next to him. Even after she intervened and called for help, Owens slipped two more pills into his mouth.

Owens was released from a Dallas hospital late Wednesday, giving reporters the thumbs up as he walked by and went into the waiting SUV.

Owens had told a friend earlier that he was depressed, and while his rep initially denied reports that he intended to kill himself, the police report states that when rescue workers asked if he took the pills to harm himself, Owens responded “Yes.” Owens’ camp continues to say that this was not a suicide attempt; it was an unfortunate reaction of supplements and pain killers, of which Owens had only taken 5 of the 40 in the bottle.

NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders says that Owens laughs at the press’ reaction to this, and is in good spirits.

We wish Terrell Owens the best of health and happiness, but did anyone stop to think that maybe David Hasselhoff’s cat has struck again?

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Written by Christina Sciarrillo