Terminator: Salvation Star Sam Worthington Gets A New Gig

November 20th, 2009 // 7 Comments

Sam Worthington
, who is most notable for his portrayal of Marcus Wright in Terminator: Salvation, has recently signed on to star in the film adaptation of the miniseries The Last Days of American Crime. The story chronicles the US government’s attempt to eliminate the ability to commit crimes using futuristic technology while Sam’s character plans one last mega heist.

I’m hoping in the future hunky men like Sam are forced to be in Terminator shape and must go shirtless at all times- this may be the only way Last Days will capture my attention.

Coming down the pipeline for this hot Aussie includes the much anticipated Avatar by director James Cameron. With so many blockbusters under his belt Sam is a star on the rise.

Gallery Info: Sam Worthington tans on Bronte Beach in Sydney on November 19, 2009.

By Jessika Marie

  1. macca

    that’s not Worthington

  2. Lu

    That`s not Samm!!!

  3. Zach

    Look at his ears! and the stomach please, that’s not sam!!! he’s a fatty stupid fag!

  4. Mayara

    I don’t think that’s Sam Worthington at all.
    It reminds of him a bit, but it’s not.

  5. Dash

    I agree with everyone else, that is definitely not Sam. Other than the fact that he has a “ginger-ish” beard and is Australian (note the southern cross tattoo on his right shoulder blade) it’s a travesty to say that bogan on the beach in anyway resembles that fine piece of aussie arse.

  6. Slacker

    Thats obviously not sam , sam has this bush on his belly , and is quite but taller.

  7. Mikey Bear

    Yeah, I also reckon it’s not Sam, unfortunately, although whoever it is is still a fine specimen and I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.

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