Teri Hatcher Sets Her Price For Playboy Layout

As I always say dream big. And that’s what Teri is doing if she thinks she could get $10 million to pose for Playboy. I’m thinking she would have to give away the whole store.

TERI HATCHER is bemused by reports she shunned a $10 million (£5.2 million) offer to pose in PLAYBOY with her DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES co-stars – because she’d have happily taken the job.

She says, “I didn’t hear that offer, because if I had, I’d be in Playboy! I mean, really, everyone has a price and $10 million is mine. So I’ve put it out there. .

“(My cleavage) you get for free. I mean, it’s not much further.”.

I thinking it probably wouldn’t be worth Playboy’s money.

Teri Hatcher Will Strip For Playboy Fee $10Million [Female First]

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