Teri Hatcher Knows What’s Best For You

Teri Hatcher, seen here at Eva Longoria Parker’s fragrance launch for ‘Eva’ at her restaurant Beso on April 27th, has finally given the American woman exactly what she needs: advice from Teri Hatcher.

Alright, to be fair, Hatched is no GOOP.  Hatched is featured on Disney’s family.com and mixes in Teri’s own thoughts with proper experts, who expound on everything women deal with, including health, fashion, and relationships (I’m pretty sure there are women who care about science, technology, and the stock market, but I don’t want to be difficult).

More importantly, Teri finagles her famous friends into the project, inserting short videos of herself talking with them.  Mariel Hemingway is the latest.

Speaking of famous friends, Teri is hanging with a few here at Eva’s perfume launch.  ELP (sorry; Eva’s name is way too long), also featured on the site, is looking pretty excited about her celebrijuice, which is sporting her picture. She, Teri, and their Desperate Housewives costar Felicity Huffman look as though they may have thrown back a few before this red carpet (speculation is fun!).

And on a very important, but very random, note, what do we think about Miss Eva’s makeup?  I feel like she went a little heavy on the white highlighter.  She looks like a killer whale.  Come to think of it, I could get into that.