Teri Garr Recovering From Aneurysm

January 3rd, 2007 // 5 Comments

I know a lot of you younger types are like “who’s this bitch?” And I say three words: Mr. Mom, yo. She was in a bunch of other stuff. But I will always fondly recall her as the new advertising exec for Schooner Tuna because they played that movie over and over on HBO when I was like six and my parents were out working and ensuring my homosexuality by making me a latch-key kid. *sob*

Actress Teri Garr, 62, is “recovering nicely” after undergoing surgery to treat a brain aneurysm, her rep tells PEOPLE.

“She’s alert. She’s sitting up. She’s talking,” says her rep. “The prognosis is very, very good.”

More on Teri Garr’s prognosis after the jump.

Teri Garr Recovering [People]

Things didn’t look so positive on the morning of Dec. 21 when Garr’s daughter Molly, 13, and a woman who works for the actress couldn’t wake Garr up and called 911.

Garr – who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in the late ’90s – was immediately brought to the hospital where doctors performed a coil embolism, according to her rep.

Not only did a blood vessel burst in her melon, but she has MS. She’s one tough biddy. And she’s funny. You’ll notice I reported on this lady, and not Victoria Principal’s divorce. The difference? Victoria Principal isn’t funny, and and most of the aged celebrities who do infomercials creep me right the f*ck out. This means you, Meredith Baxter-Birney.

By J. Harvey

  1. mg

    Teri is a gem. Her comedic chops put most of these younger actresses to shame.

  2. Magenta


  3. dq365247

    How could you not mention “Young Frankenstein”? Or “Tootsie”? Or even her stint on “Friends” as Phoebe’s birth mom? One of the funniest actresses of our time.

  4. indyfag

    God Bless her. She is so quirky/funny. First MS now this. Why couldn’t this happen to…….(fill in the blank)

  5. She’s wonderfully funny. I hope she gets well soon.

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