Teresa Giudice Will Be The Baddest Bitch In Jail!

With the new report that RHONJ attack dog Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe could be going to prison, I can only imagine that she’ll be the queen of the cellblock.

The pair now stand accused of fraud, after allegedly hiding over $250,000 when filing for bankruptcy.

It seems Teresa is even considering backing out of the show in case it’s used against her later and she perjures herself. Loose lips sink ships, folks.

Can you even imagine her going to jail? The amount of fights she’d be in would be ridiculous. The other reason she wants to pull out is because of the possible addition of the Melissa Gorga, her sister-in-law we told you about earlier.

The two apparently hate each other and maybe this will be a suitable replacement for Danielle?

See, I knew that even without Stauby these broads would still be full of drama and delight!

Check out the Giudice hosting Closet Sundays in Vegas over the weekend!