Teresa Giudice Talks About Husband’s Alleged Mistress

September 2nd, 2010 // 1 Comment

Teresa Giudice opens up with In Touch about her and her husband Joe’s bankruptcy and the rumors about his infidelity. She seemed to be very dismissive of the reports, but not necessarily perturbed, at the opening night of her and fellow RHONJ cast mates appearance in the play My Big Gay Italian Wedding.

As for that affair, reports said it was a Teresa look-alike.

“I laughed at it,” says Teresa, who adds that, in reality, she and her husband are closer than ever. Joe, who claims that he and Teresa “still make love once, sometimes twice a day,” laughed at the story as well, believing it to be more lies spread by his former business partner. “We’re very happy,” Teresa shares.

I think the lady doth protest too much. And apparently the ‘nephew’ Danielle made reference to in the first part of that reunion show is possibly an illegitimate child by Joe with another woman. I know!

This shit just keeps getting better.

By Justin Thompson

  1. ogram

    So that’s why the Simian creature went Ape-shit on national television? From what I’ve been reading/seeing it’s true. Juicydelicious “Goomar?” (is that the correct word?) Is a young, pretty blonde who gave him the son he wanted. The Simian creature is clearly delusional as well as dangerously crazy. She looked like she didn’t know where she was when she was ranting and Caroline was trying to calm her down. That is a clear sign of someone who is very, very dangerous.

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