Mariah Carey Wears Pants (!?!)

April 28th, 2008 // 2 Comments

Holy shite! Mariah Carey peeled off her usual chatreuse tube sheath and put on some jeans! She is a serious thespian! Here she is at the premiere of her film Tennessee. It’s the story of…oh who gives a shit, Mimi put on some pants! Her lycra dresses are lying limp at home and wondering why this skizza abandoned them.

The best photo in this set is the one of Mimi holding her head like inspiration just swooped off her melon. Does she cart her own wind machine around with her. Answer? Yes.

I’m glad Zoe Kravitz could leave her igloo and make the premiere. She does need to stop cutting her own hair, though. She looks like child abuse.

Photos: Getty Images/WENN

19 more photos from the Tribeca premiere of Tennessee and the after party featuring Mariah Carey, Robert De Niro, Grace Hightower, Edie Falco, Adam Rothenberg, Zoe Kravitz, Ethan Peck and DaBrat are after the jump.

Photos: Getty Images/WENN

By J. Harvey

  1. b.SophiaLoren

    I LOVE Zoe Kravitz- I get her- but I laughed @ the “she looks like child abuse comment”.
    For the recrod, I did feel guilty about it.

  2. leilah

    I LOVE Da Brat’s last photo — pointing her finger as if to say, “yeah, y’all know I’m tapping Mimi’s azz. Why the hell else would I be at this premiere?” (They ARE seen e’erwhere together these days.)

    And Zoe, while snatching a smaller homeless girl’s coat is never a good look, the white, crushed-velvet ankle boots — with a hint of the cowboy-boot silver tips — are really quite stunning.

    But poor Robert De Niro looks as though Grace is beatin’ his ass on a regular basis!

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