Ten Reasons Why Shannen Doherty Should Win ‘Dancing With The Stars.’

I’ve never liked Dancing With The Stars.  It’s my personal opinion that each season C, D and E-Listers come out of the woodwork, begging their agents to secure them a spot in the lineup.  But this season is a little different for me.  I still don’t like the show (or care about most of the cast.  If you ask me, Nicole Scherzinger shifted her star in the wrong direction by signing on).  But there is one person-ONE PERSON-I am thrilled to support and watch.  Shannen Doherty.  The one and only person I will root for is Beverly Hills’ biggest drama queen (sit your ass back in that red BMW, Kelly Taylor).

Beverly Hills 90210 premiered long before I was allowed to watch (Thursdays at 9pm, then Wednesday at 8pm on Fox).  Thankfully, syndication offered me ample opportunity to watch the teen drama again and again.  And again.  And again.  I never loved any show the way I loved Beverly Hills, 90210.  I don’t know what drew me in, because I certainly couldn’t relate to any of the characters.  It was just…a spectacular show.  Like a dream.  And the relationship I couldn’t get enough of was Brenda and Dylan’s.  Brenda and Walsh and Dylan McKay.  They were intense, they were overdramatic.  And they were crazy in love.  But it was a dangerous kind of love.  It was bad for both of them because Brenda make a big deal out of EVERYTHING, and Dylan needed a girlfriend, a best friend, a sister and a family all at the same time.  Casa De Walsh was a one-stop shop for Dylan.  Witnessing the course of their relationship was incredible.  It was like nothing I had every seen (mind you, I was in my early teens during the cyclical airing of episodes. So even eight years after they broke up, it was as if I was watching them fall in love for the very first time).   Like any fan, I believed in Brenda and Dylan.  I loved them together.  It just worked.

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Then..Paris.  And little Silver’s birth.  Summer at the Beverly Hills
Beach Club.  Dylan and Kelly started an affair (if you want to call it
that.  They were only seventeen, but it felt like everyone was 25.  It
didn’t help that they looked 25).  It was bad.  I was devastated.  I
was angry.  I felt a sense of duty to side with Brenda.  She was a
woman scorned. 
After a bad start to senior year (and a pool scene that still makes me
gag), Dylan and Kelly ended up together, and Brenda was never the
same.  Prom was a heartache, and listening to Dylan invite Kelly on his
Eurotour was even worse.  I was on Team Brenda.  I was steadfastly and
undeniably on Team Brenda.  Still am, to this day.It sounds like I have a lot
emotionally invested in Shannen’s Doherty’s character, hmm?  Damn
straight!  Well, not to the point where it’s hard to separate fact from
fiction (most of the time).  But the love triangle involving Brenda,
Dylan and Kelly taught me a little bit about myself.  Dudes come and
go, and one might even be your lobster.  If you choose to sacrifice a
friendship in the name of a man, then the risk may very well outweigh
the rewards.  I don’t know if Brenda would have done the same thing to
Kelly, but I don’t like to dwell on that outcome.Now that I’ve scared the crap out you, it’s time for me to present the top ten reasons (I think) Shannen Doherty should win Dancing With The Stars
I have no idea whether or not she can dance, so said reasons are most
likely irrelevant to the show.  And for the record, Shannen Doherty
will never fall from grace (I.E.-C,D, or E list).10)  We all know no one brings more drama to her character than Shannen Doherty (remember that insanely super made-for-tv movie on NBC, Friends ‘Til The End?).  And then there was the night she lost her V-Card to Dylan.  “But Brenda, I’m A Spring Princess!”  “Kelly, I don’t give a damn.”  9) Doherty’s presence affects ratings and viewer approval.  Once Brenda
left for London after freshman year at CU, the series went downhill. 
ABC grabbed my attention after how many seasons of the cha-cha? 8)
She’ll look great in any costume they put her in.  For someone who
rocked the hell out of a body suit and tapered jeans, Doherty is good
to go in some of those ridiculous get-ups.7) She’s scary as
hell.  Doherty is notorious for not playing well with others.  She can
use this to her advantage by scaring the other contestants into
failure. Hah!6) Because victory would taste that much sweeter
knowing you advanced further in the competition than a certain blonde
(eat it, Kelly Taylor).5) She’s got the voting spectrum covered, from Nat Bussichio to Roy Randolph.     4) She’s got Candi Spelling in her corner.  3) She’ll slap the judges silly for unruly criticism.  And the voters at home, for that matter.2) She did the show in order to overcome her fear of live audiences and, more importantly, for her dad, who suffered a stroke.  Somewhere in Hong Kong, Jim Walsh is choking up with pride.  1) She’s Brenda F*%KING Walsh.Dancing With The Stars premieres tonight at 8pm/7pm central on ABC.  I’ve gathered a collection of Shannen Doherty pics for your entertainment.