Tell Us Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercials!

Well, the Super Bowl is known for one thing – the commercials. Oh…well, maybe the football too. But mostly the commercials. And this year’s were so-so. My favorite though was the Joan Rivers spot for Go Daddy, leading many to ask, “Is that her real body or a body double?”

She’s insisting that there was no camera trickery and that it’s her body. I’m sorry, but no matter how much plastic surgery she’s had, a 77-year-old never looks that good. (She may have Tabitha Taylor to thank for that.)

Some other commercials were Kim Kardashian’s Skechers spot was exactly what I expected – full of dumb innuendo and her showing off her body. The Bieber/Ozzy commercial was a bit lame I thought. I loved the Chrysler/Eminem commercial…it was like a damn trailer for a documentary. As always…the Snickers commercial actually elicited a guffaw from me. What was your favorite? Watch some of ours after the jump!