Tell Us More About Ben Affleck’s ‘Wonder Sperm,’ Jennifer Garner [PHOTOS]

Today, Ellen DeGeneres welcomes on her show The Odd Life Of Timothy Green star Jennifer Garner, who told some really adorable stories about her son, Samuel Affleck.

Garner described her youngest child as “so chill and mellow. . . He’s perfect right now because he doesn’t move. But he sleeps pretty well. He reaches when he sees me and he laughs a lot. He thinks I’m super funny. What more do you want?”

The mom of three does admit that things do get a little hectic around the house. 

“I mean, they didn’t pee in my eye. I don’t know if it’s because he’s a boy. I don’t know if it’s because he’s my third and I forget that I have him,” Garner told DeGeneres.  “You know you’re just dealing with two and then you think, ‘I put a baby down. I swear I put a baby down somewhere.’ And you kind of walk through the house. ‘There you are!’ He’s just happy as can be.”

Garner, 40, doesn’t plan on getting knocked up anytime soon, but she says that husband Ben Affleck has a way of making things happen.

“I plan to be done. But my husband is kind of a wonder sperm kind of guy.”