Teen Mag Editors Shuffle

You know that werewolf from Seventeen magazine who was always running around on America’s Next Top Model? Atoosa? Yeah, she’s out and this ho is in.

It’s official: We hear Ann Shoket has been named editor of Seventeen, replacing Atoosa Rubenstein, who left last month. Ann splits from CosmoGIRL as its executive editor.

Update: Here’s the note from Hearst chieftess Cathie Black.

Dear Colleague:
I am delighted to announce that Ann Shoket, currently the executive editor of CosmoGIRL!, has just been named editor-in- chief of Seventeen. Ann will assume her new responsibilities immediately. After spending seven years at CosmoGIRL!, no one knows the teen market better than Ann.

I obviously don’t know the teen market or my own market because I’m doing a story about this. Our readers probably don’t read Seventeen or COSMOgirl. And even if our younger ASL fans read those mags , they sure as hell aren’t going to notice who in hell is on the masthead. They just want confessions about the first time you farted in front of your boyfriend, or what sort of mascara that quim from Laguna Beach is using. The truth? Atoosa Rubenstein annoys me and I wanted to call her a “werewolf” in print. That was about it.

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