Abby & Lisa: Why The US Needs X Factor Right Now!

Let me introduce you to Abby and Lisa, two British young girls who auditioned to be on X-Factor and have really made asses out of themselves on national television across the pond.

I’m not sure if you are familiar with the British comedy series Little Britain, but it featured a character named Vicky Pollard who was the embodiment of girls of a certain age and a certain area and a certain socio-economic status.

Abby and Lisa have to be the inspiration for Vicky Pollard. Just watch what happens when one of them starts running their mouth, asking Natalie Imbruglia who she is and yelling at the audience to shut up.

Meanwhile, Cheryl Cole and Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh all look on in
horror as the events unfold.

It’s magical, dear reader. I promise you.