‘Teen Wolf’ Star Colton Haynes Gets Cute With Leona Lewis On The Set Of Her New Video [PHOTOS]

It must be nice being Leona Lewis.

She’s beautiful, talented, sweet AND she gets to pick pretty much any hot dude she wants to be in her music videos. This time her sights were set of Teen Wolf star and resident hottie, Colton Haynes. She was so stoked about it! She even Tweeted:

The duo got together in downtown LA to shoot the video for Leona’s latest single, Trouble. Also, they would make a super cute couple in real life. So how did Colton feel about the video shoot?

Have you seen Leona Lewis? Of course he was beyond excited about it. Colton even gave us a little glimpse of the duo on set by Tweeting:

Adorable. Check out the photos in the gallery for some cute shots from the day. How excited are you for this video to premiere? I kinda just want to stare at Colton and Leona. New favorite fake couple? Obviously!